Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. The latest model of the PC-12 is the Pilatus PC-12NG (New Generation) and was debuted in 2006 at NBAA in Orlando. Many PC-12NG are fitted with the optional Executive 6 + 2 cabin-seating package. It includes a center four-seat club section with four, fully adjustable chairs, plus two forward facing chairs with full extension leg rests in the rear of the cabin.

  • Seating6-9 passengers

  • Range1,309 nautical miles

  • Cabin Size4.10' height - 5' width - 16.11' length

  • Baggage40 cubic feet

  • LavatoryYes

Pilatus PC-12

King Air 200

With an air speed of 300 mph you probably won’t notice that the King Air 200 has the most reliable turbine engines in its class. The expansive cabin provides ample headroom for up to 9 people for your next King Air charter flight.

  • Seating6-8 passengers

  • Range1580 nautical miles

  • Cabin Size4.10' height - 4.10' width - 16.8' length

  • Baggage54 cubic feet

  • LavatoryPartial


King Air 350

After the King Air 250, the 300 series was introduced providing some key upgrades including: more powerful engines reaching speeds of 310 kts, an 1250 nm, room for 13 people and interior dimensions of 4.9W x 4.8H x 16.7L (feet). The next step up is the King Air 350. The 350 includes a nearly three foot longer fuselage, winglets, and increased range of up to 2,182 miles.

  • Seating8-9 passengers

  • Range1550 nautical miles

  • Cabin Size4.10' height - 4.6' width - 19.2' length

  • Baggage56 cubic feet

  • LavatoryYes